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MC-Al DJ-Tony, Raymond Location: Great Harmony, Flushing Makeup- Venus

Time: Oct, 2006

Lisa's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Lisafor these pics)

MC-Sean DJ-Vincent, Raymond Location: East Manor, Flushing

Time: Oct, 2006

Florence & Raymond's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Florence & Raymond for these pics)

MC-Al DJ-Tony, Steven, Brandon Location: Ocean Jewel, Flushing Makeup- Venus

Time: Sept, 2006

Tin Lap & Angela's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Tin Lap & Angela for these pics)

MC-Sean DJ-Bing, Raymond, Ken Location: Peking Park, Manhattan

Time: Sept, 2006

Elizabeth & Ronnie's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Elizabeth & Ronnie for these pics)

MC-Al DJ-Vincent, Steven, Brandon Location: East Manor, Kissena Blvd Make up-Venus

Time: Sept, 2006

Claire & Joe's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Claire & Joe for these pics)

MC-Kenny DJ-Tony, Steven, Ken Location: New Harbor, Elmhurst

Time: Oct, 2006

Mui Jan & Santoso's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Mui Jan & Santoso for these pics)

MC-Kenny DJ-Stanley, Jimmy, Hey Location: Sheraton, Flushing

Time: Sept, 2006

Alex & Cathy's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Alex & Cathy for these pics)

MC-Kenny DJ-Stanley, Raymond, Ken Location: Westbury Manor, Long Island

Time: Sept, 2006

Van & Connie's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Van & Connie, Andy & Elisha, & Vince & Kinnex for these pics)

MC-Kenny DJ-Joe, Ryan, Steven Location: Chinatownn Make Up-Venus

Time: Sept, 2006

Jason & Linda's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Jason & Linda, Daniel & Amy for these pics)