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MC-Kenny DJ-Tony, Raymond Location: Pacificana, Brooklyn

Time: July, 2007

Louie & Linda's Wedding

MC-Kenny DJ-Joe, Chuck Location: Rex Manor, Brooklyn

Time: July, 2007

Andrew Baptize Party

MC-Kenny DJ-Joe, Steven Location: Harmony Palace, Chinatown

Time: July, 2007

Sandy & Louis's Wedding


MC-Kenny DJ-Tony, Steven, Jay Location: Jing Fung, Chinatown

Time: July, 2007

Danny & Natalie's Wedding

MC-Al DJ-Tony, Joe Location: Ocean Pacifica, Brooklyn Make Up-Venus

Time: July, 2007

Mr. Mrs Chin's Wedding

MC-Al DJ-Tony, Steven, Raymond Location: Jin Fung, Flushing

Time: July, 2007

Ray & Susan's Wedding

MC-Kenny DJ-Joe, Steven, Raymond Location: Jericho Terrace, Long Island

Time: Jan, 2007

Sam & Sophia's Wedding

MC-Kenny DJ-Tony, Steven, Raymond Location: East Manor, Kissena Blvd Make Up-Venus

Time: July, 2007

Ying & Larry's Wedding

MC-Sean DJ-Bing, William, Jay, Joe Location: East Manor, Elmhurst

Time: July, 2007

Rommel & Lena's Wedding

MC-Al & Hin DJ-Tony, Ryan Location: Ocean Jewel, Flushing

Time: July, 2007

Sharon & Kenny's Wedding

MC-Al DJ-Joe, Raymond Location: Golden Bridge,Chinatown Make Up-Venus

Time: July, 2007

Helen & Campbell's Wedding

MC-Al DJ-Tony, Bing, Lester, Ken Location: Peking Park, Manhattan Make Up-Venus

Time: June, 2007

Danny & Elaine's Wedding

MC-Kenny DJ-Tony, Raymond, Location: Jin Fung, Chinatown

Time: July, 2007

Benny & Cecila's Wedding

(Special Thanks toBenny & Cecila for these pics)

MC-Kenny DJ-Steven, Raymond Location: Sheraton, Flushing

Time: July, 2007

Alex & Amy's Wedding

(Special Thanks to Alex & Amy for these pics)