Music Slide Video-What is MSV/HDMSV? To see Demo,

Music+Animation+Special Effects+Pictures=MSV. Hard to really define what this is unless you actually see it live.

In simple terms, MSV is like any other MTV(Music Television Video) but using only pictures to form an idea.

With our creativity behind the scene, using the method of story telling, it often turns out to be one of your

greatest wedding moments at all times. More importantly, MSV is not a fixed template slide show.

It is a film with originality and creativity.

How does it work?

The production process takes at less 2 months prior to your wedding date before final execution. Final version will be

rendered out and converted to DVD format. It will be displayed with a high quality Sony Projector with

an 100" inch projection on the day of your event.


The Production. Which software do we use?

We use software such as Adobe products, Maya, as well as 3D studio max. And of course, we have other sercet engines

that produce Hollywood like Film effect, Color correction, and Special particle system which you will be amazed.


When and how it should be use? How do I submit pictures?

MSV ideally is meant to run during the Grand Opening of your reception. It runs about 7-8 mins long. After the performance,

you will be able to keep the interactive DVD. You can click here for scanning and renaming instructions.