SAE Creative Project MC/DJ - It is a classic term to best describe our unique interactive entertainment approach for MC/DJ services. 

There are three key areas of focus -  

A) Creative Talent (MC/DJ) - Who's running the show? All of our professional crews are all from either theater or staging background with over

10 years of experience. To find out more about us:

B) Pro Sound / Music – Our Sound Equipment are all design based on durability, quality of sound, power of mixing, and flexible application base

on performance space.  Brands include Bose, Mackie, Denon, JBL, Shure, and Apple. In terms of music, which is different than ‘songs’, we live

mix our music on the fly.  We play music for all genres including Hip Pop, R&B, Trance, Jazz, Classical, Motown, 70s, 80s, Group Dance, and

much more.  And of course, our collection also include Asian, Spanish, & other languages as well.  When your friends are dancing with their

shoes off, we match the atmosphere with the perfect beat.  And Yes, we scatch too! Check out our topsongs section!


The following are two different powerful setup that we put together :

SETUP 1- Traditional Two Way Powered Loud Speaker w/ Sub-Woofer Setup


SETUP 2- 3Dimensional Bose Surround Sound System

C) Interactive Programs – We offer variety of interactive programs such as games, group dance, photobooth, music slide video, lion dance,

and much more. Here's the agenda for: Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Sweet Sixteen, Baby Shower