SAE Make Up - offers high definition bridal make up services including full coverage of your wedding day (day and/or evening).

Service include make up, touch up (at banquet reception), hair styles, image design, and others.



Artist Profile-Venus Lau, Make Up Artist featuring Eunice Chan & Wendy, Hair Stylist/Image Designer. Our artists work

closely together as a team to set your special day into the most beautiful fashion.


Venus Lau-Started her studies in the year of 1986 at TVB with famous Make-Up artist Man Fei Chan. Participated in many live

performances such as concerts, beauty pageant, and wedding events. Later continue her studies with Amy Gao, Hong Kong.

Specializes in makeup technique around the world (Hong Kong, Japan, & Korea).


Eunice Chan-has studied and practice make-up/hair style techniques for over 8 years. She has also worked in many bridal shops

such as Highlight Studio, Wedding Box, and others. Travel to countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and New York to continue her

practice. Recipient of Make Up Certification from LO'REAL.

Participated in many live performance such as famous Hong Kong Pop Star Amanda Lee's Concert, TVB International Singing

Contest, TVB International Hong Kong Beauty (San Francisco District).

(On the Road)

-Bride & Bridesmaid (x1) MakeUp/Hair package

-Parent & Guest MakeUp/Hair x1

(In the Catering Hall / Restaurant)

-Touch Up & Styles

*Transportation fees not included. Additional fees will be charged separately*

Make Up Schedule (Full Day) I) Start 7:00-11:00 am

     		A) Bridesmaid 
     		B) Parents
     		C) Bride
		II) Wedding day start 11:15 am
		III) Arrive at the Restaurant/Banquet Hall 6:00pm
		A) Bride Touch up
		B) Bridesmaid, Flower Girl & Family(additional fees might apply)
		C) Pictures & Grand Opening of Wedding Starts

		IV) Bride changing 9:00pm-11:00pm
		A) Bride dress changing
		B) Hair style changing & Make up